2 comments on “Does Money Override Relationships?

  1. I do believe that Owen does have a right to speak about those artist but he should have done this in a more professional manner. For instance, using the artist’s name when talking about them in a positive manner and letting them remain anonymous when speaking about negative situations. I really don’t have an interest in the book and definitely not now since it seems like he is “name dropping” for the sake of creating controversy. Great article and topic though!

    • I agree, there is a level of professionalism that should be sustained, especially in the entertainment industry. Personally, I feel his motive of trying to “name drop” or tarnish Clarkson’s reputation is clear which leads me to become disinterested in what he has to say as it relates to his book. If he had addresed the situation in an professional fashion my opinion may differ. In the end, it always goes back to people’s motives/ intentions.

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