3 comments on “Training a Child or Enabling a Child, Does It Matter?

  1. Tan Mom may be unpopular but nobody has proven that getting into the tanning booths will damage your health unless it is excessive. If she wants to let her daughter tan the only issue is that it’s prohibited by the state which makes this at most a slap on the wrist (or potentially makes the tanning establishment culpable). I say let parents raise their kids as they see fit and stop meddling in people’s lives!

  2. If people didn’t have to subject their kids on others, and possibly carry kids who grow up to be unproductive members of society, I’d agree with you. Nobody’s perfect, and the public doesn’t let you forget that.

    • I don’t think I’d go as far to imply that state laws should not “meddle.” Laws are placed for a reason and should be followed for that same reasoning. I do agree the public should not be so quick to judge and allow such a bandwagon effect, but also believe parents should be a role model in following “the rules.”

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