2 comments on “Giving the People What They Want At the Sacrifice of Their Need

  1. Although, I do agree with your conclusion in saying, ” people want the right to choose to be unhealthy,” I couldn’t help but get excited that a public, government official was stepping up in taking efforts to help fix obesity in America. Being a kinesiology major and working in a hospital I see the effects of American obesity daily. Overall obesity in America is more than 30% and although some may think this is a small number, it is growing more and more each year. Obesity does not only affect the individual but it affects out genetic cycle (offsprings, generational affects), medical expense, health care, physician time spent on an obese individual the refuses to help them self, etc. So again, we do live in a democratic society but at what will it take for American government to finally step up and say, “hey! we have got to put a stop to this or else we’re in a long haul of negative side affects amongst us?”

    • Not to mention obesity is one of the top, leading cause in hypertension/blood pressure problems, Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, etc which could ultimately lead to stroke, heart attack, cardiovascular disease, etc.

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