2 comments on “Student Athletes or Employees?

  1. Very enlightening. I do not feel that college athletes should be treated as employees and theirs and the universitiy’s primary focus should be on education to enhance future success; however, I do think there are some opportunities to enhance and place them in a better position for the future, such as: 1) Since many revenue generating athletes don’t graduate, allow them to return to the university at any time in the future or during a specified time period to complete their education.
    2) Provide them with a meal plan and/or clothing allowance, since many come from relatively low income families, etc.
    3) Provide athletic related insurance cover for players, etc.
    Most of the rules/policies that were noted in the article were reasonable, common sense and should apply to all students. I thin unionization, employee status, and payroll checks would likely shift or impact the primary focus of education for most ,if not all, players

  2. Interesting perspectives. I’m sure a middle ground can be reached although it would be interesting to breakdown paid fees to an estimated daily rate. I wonder if that breakdown would reflect a decent compensation for a student worker. I don’t agree with invasive searches and demands if they don’t consider their students employees though.

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